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Not Knowing Is Expensive

What Does Your 401(k) Plan Cost?


Do you know?

What you don’t know is probably costing you and your employees thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of dollars every year in unnecessary expenses, fees, and tax payments. Not knowing your plan design and the activity of your plan advisor may create compliance issues, such as the need for a corrective distribution or other corrective measures that could result in a Department of Labor fine, or even a loss of your qualified plan status.

Let us help you get the answers you need to ensure that you’re minimizing fees and expenses, maximizing tax savings, and minimizing compliance headaches.

Ask Yourself

Who is your Third-Party Administrator (TPA), Recordkeeper, Custodian, and Plan Advisor?

What do they charge for their services?

Free is the wrong answer

What services were they hired to provide, and are they actually providing those services? Is your plan designed to maximize contributions and tax efficiency? Is your plan designed to minimize compliance issues?

Cost Comparison

Example is from an approximately $13.5 million in assets plan with 275 participants